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Current Trends - 04/29/13

Changes in landscape and plant desires are like anything else in life. What "trends" we observe in the Rochester Area are very likely different then other areas, such as Chicago or Des Moines or Denver.

We are definitely noticing more and more Outdoor Living Spaces or 'Living Rooms & Kitchens'.  Herbs and Veggies in pots near these outdoor living spaces or near home entries are popular for that garden fresh taste.

Multi-utilization of perennials and shrubs is on the rise.  Not only does the plant need to look good for a season in the landscape, but it needs to be multi-seasonal and even have the ability for cut or dried flower arrangements inside.

Welcome the new Hypericum Series' 'Magical' & 'Mystical'.  Great Flower, nice fall color, and colored fruit that is perfect to compliment your indoor arrangement.

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