BetterU Week 2! - 02/21/13

Ok, so last week as part of the Better U program, I pledged to attempt to get to the root of why I dont make my health a priority at times.  Getting to the heart of the matter (no pun, intended!) should be the first step in any effort to create a positive change.  So, on a scale of 1 to 10, Im giving myself a 5 (ouch!).

Truth be told, I really didnt give it my all.  Honestly!  I sat down and wrote down five reasons why I want to be healthier"but I did it in a rush and I didnt give it my all.  In fact, I did what I always do"rush!  I feel like Im always rushing"from this appointment to that, from here to thereto work, at home and back again!  I realize that I dont make my health a priority because I dont do enough preparation.  You might be thinking, How do you prepare to make a list?  Thats not hard!  But it is, to me.  To really come up with five meaningful reasons requires a brutally honest look at your life.  Among the five reasons:  I want to live a long life, I want to be able to take care of my parents. Those reasons have the most meaning to me.  My grandmother lived to be 91 and my mom, God bless her, was able to be there for her right until the end.  Thats my goal:  to be present, in a healthy way, for her throughout her life.

During Week 2, my goal is to slow down and get to the crux of the issue.  Im also going to do two extra things.  First, Im going to make an appointment to see my doctor.  Its been some times since Ive seen him.  I want to get some blood work done to check for diabetes (which killed my paternal grandmother at the age of 42!).  Im also going to ask him about my blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  The truth is, many doctors dont bring up heart disease with their female patients and thats downright wrong. Heart disease and stroke and all other cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 killers of women, killing nearly twice as many women as all forms of cancer!  If you want to see your doctor, there are some important questions to ask, so make sure you come prepared! You can find a list of the questions here.

Second, Im going to add more physical activity to my week.  A walk for between 15-20 minutes does wonders for your head and your waistline.  I havent worked out in a loooong time, so Im going to start with 15 minutes, four times this week. Ive got a fantastic treadmill at home that I barely use, so I have no excuses!

As an incentive, Im going to allow myself to make a purchase off the website.  There are a ton of cool items in all price points to help you make a public statement about your commitment to better health.  I have my eye on a couple of things!  Remember, participation in Better U is FREE!

So, I hope youve started the journey and are making progress, or at the very least, opening your eyes to the possibility that you are worth the time and effort it takes to be a healthier person.  For me the key words are time and effort. If can combine both, my head and heart will be better off because of it!  Now, go get your sweat on, girl!

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