BetterU Week 5 - What's your number! - 03/14/13

Im coming up on Week 5 of my BetterU program and Im proud to say Ive made some healthy changes that I want to become habits. Im eating at home more often and looking forward to our longer, sunnier (I hope!) days so I can get outside and get some fresh air. I think we tend to overlook what a simple walk can do for your outlook. It must be where the phrase, Look on the sunny side comes from!

Among the BetterU challenges for Week 5 is to look at your BMI or Body Mass Index. BMI indicates if you are at a health weight for your height. Its a number you can easily determine by checking out the BetterU website. There is a helpful calculator there. A BMI of 25 or above indicates that you are overweight or obese"things that can contribute to heart disease and stroke. If youve made a commitment to getting healthier you will want to know this number, in addition to all the other numbers that youre getting to know as you join me on this journey.

The other challenge is to tackle emotional eating.  ALERT:  this is my Achilles heel!  According to the American Heart Association, stress, sadness, boredom, and even happiness can lead to unwanted calories and weight gain. Just a handful of potato chips every day can add about 1,000 calories per week. That could make you gain 4-pound in three months and 16-pounds in a year! Some women, on the other hand, lose their appetite and have poor nutrition during emotional times. It is important to know how your moods influence your food so you can make healthier choices.  Get a handle on this so you dont feel like a kite in the breeze!

To start losing weight, you'll need to reduce your food intake by 250-500 calories per day. If you are overweight, a good goal is to lose 5-10% of your body weight. A safe rate for weight loss is to 2 pounds per week.  Thats it!  Sure, youre saying, this all looks easier on paper.  It does, because its math and math doesnt take into account emotion, but if you remove the emotion and make it about the numbers ( NOT easy for a right-brainer like me!) you WILL reach your goal"to be a BetterU! Start today!

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