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Hitting Home - 04/15/13

Minutes after I heard of the explosions on Boylston Street, I called my father, a Bostonian who lives on Boylston Street, a few miles from the marathon finish line. I can't begin to tell you the relief I felt the moment that the elder Mr. White delivered a groggy response to explain that he had been napping. I was born in Boston, attended Emerson College and spend virtually every free moment in Massachusetts.

An hour later, my closest friends and former classmates at Emerson chimed in. They were okay. But I guess when you say "okay" it's misleading. They are both livid and shocked. Each is in disbelief that someone, or some group chose to strike our home.

No one will remember this race, no one will remember the fun of the Red Sox win earlier that day or the elite runners' finish. We'll remember that dozens were injured, and several were killed.

I will remember the shock on the faces of people who flew into Rochester, after having their flight grounded following the explosions. I'll recall the awful images of the injured from Boston and national media. Selfishly, I'll be reminded that most of the people I know and love in Boston are okay. Another lasting memory--a Facebook post from my best friend who was a quarter of a mile from the explosion.

He added two hash tags: "lovemycity," and "bostonandstrong."

Boston natives or not, I think you can identify with the quote he posted.

"My thoughts and prayers are with the families who were affected."

-Evan White, Reporter

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