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Peter Flagg

"My Favorite part of the Tour de Cure is seeing people that do not have any form of diabetes participating." - Peter Flagg

Peter Flagg was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in September of 2011.

Once diagnosed, he felt that he has two choices. The first was to let the disease take its course. The second was to do everything possible to take control of his life so that he could control this disease. Peter went with the second option. After educating himself about Type 2 Diabetes, Peter gave his diet and lifestyle a complete 180. Sweets were his weakness. He ate cake, cupcakes, cookies and almost every non-friendly diabetic food out there. By changing his diet he had to accept the fact that those things could now only be eaten occasionally.

In December 2011, after recovering from an ankle surgery Peter began to look into biking. He enjoyed running and thought why not try riding. After the surgery, Peter left the hospital with a boot on his leg and bought a bike. Once he was able to ride, his love for riding began. The feeling of riding gave him a sense of taking control of his life and a disease that had the ability to take control of him. This is the second Tour de Cure and he plans on doubling the distance he rides for a cure. In the 2012 Tour de Cure Peter rode 40 miles, and this year he is dedicating his ride to the 100 mile ride.

The biggest reward as a result of this disease is the relationships Peter has developed and maintained through the Tour de Cure. His passion for the Tour de Cure is evident. When asked, Peter says he rides for three reasons. The first, to help fund an organization that can find a cure for the disease, the second is to maintain his physically active lifestyle, and lastly to continue meeting great people who enjoy the Tour de Cure. Join Peter Flagg and the rest of the Red Riders and diabetes supporters in Rochester’s 2013 Tour de Cure as we work toward our Million Dollar Year!

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Peter Flagg

I Am Red Rider

Peter Flagg was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in September of 2011.

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