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Police Investigating Suspicious Death on Tacoma Street

Updated: Friday, July 12 2013, 02:15 PM EDT

Rochester, N.Y. - Police found a body in an apartment on Tacoma Street early Wednesday morning.

They initially responded to a call for a potential burglary in progress when they discovered the body in an upstairs apartment.

"There is signs of trauma that would lead us to believe that this is a homicide so we'll be investigating it as such, right now it's an unattended, suspicious death," Rochester Police Commander Tim List said at the scene.

K9 units tracked at least two people to a location a few blocks away but police would not say if they've determined those individuals are involved.

Word spread through the neighborhood and police officers could be seen going  door-to-door in a search for information.

"I've lived here since the 3rd grade I've seen stuff like this off and on," said Naci Kuzgun who lives a couples houses away.  "It's unfortunate because if it's the people I'm thinking about they don't harm a fly.  They just sit on their porch, wave to people as they go by (and say) 'God bless you' (or) 'how you doing?'  They always tell me everytime my mom goes out to walk the dog they watch out for her."

"Of course it concerns me it's so close to home and I feel like I got to protect where I live," said Teressa McDonald who lives nearby.  "I was just praying for my community and it's just so sad that it's just so close.  I mean it could've been my neighbor, it could've been me, I work hard for my money."

In this case neighbors are joining police in the call for people to come forward with information. 

"It could be your mom it could be your dad have a heart," McDonald said.

"There is a park across the street right here we got kids that play here if you have any type of information it's not about telling on someone it's about protecting people," Kuzgun added.  "Instead of thinking that you're telling on somebody think about that you're protecting someone."

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 585-423-9300.

Police Investigating Suspicious Death on Tacoma Street

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