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Local Man's Hope To Be a Spider-Man Extra

Updated: Sunday, July 14 2013, 11:50 PM EDT
Greece, N.Y. — To call 21-year-old Justin Presciutti just a fan of Spider-Man would be quite the understatement. 

Just one step into his room, you can tell that Justin is a super fan of the superhero. Wall-to-wall, his room is adorned with Spiderman comics, figurines, books, masks or stuffed dolls. You name it and if it’s Spider-Man-related, Justin probably has it. 

When asked why he likes Spider-Man so much, his answer is simple. 

“Because he swings from building to building,” Justin explained. “He crawls on buildings. He fights crimes and fights the villains.” 

He may not swing from building to building, but in many ways, Justin is like superhero himself. He has defeated all odds and survived. 

Justin’s father Ralph Presciutti explained that Justin was born two months early and had a serious brain hemorrhage at birth and wasn’t supposed to live. Justin also has cerebral palsy and suffers from epilepsy. His condition has him bound in a wheelchair. 

“I think Justin lives through Spider-Man in some sense,” Ralph explained “In being free and being able to do the things that [Spider-Man] does. Justin understands his limitations and his disability and he'll verbalize his disappointment in not being able to walk so the next best thing is to be able to swing building to building.” 

So imagine how excited Justin was when he heard that a film about his favorite superhero would be filming a scene in Rochester. 

Ralph thinks it’s serendipitous. 

“There is no coincidence,” Ralph said. “There is none!” 

For a super fan like Justin, the film shooting nearby isn’t enough. He says he wants to be a part of the movie. That’s why his friends and family have started campaigning for the casting agency to hire him as an extra. 

“We’re hoping that Justin will get chosen to have something to do with the movie,” Ralph said. “Whether it's just going down there to watch some of the taping or being an extra. You can't have that movie come to Rochester and not have your biggest fan be there and be a part of it. It just can't happen.” 

There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to supporting Justin in his quest to become an extra. 

Justin says the opportunity would be a dream come true. Ralph has submitted Justin’s information to the casting agency and many of his friends and supporters have also. 

Justin has yet to hear back, but he hopes he gets the call soon. 

For a link to the Facebook page supporting Justin, click here. Local Man's Hope To Be a Spider-Man Extra

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