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Pembroke family forgives man who drove into their home

Updated: Wednesday, December 11 2013, 04:26 PM EST

Genesee County, N.Y. - It happened in about five seconds but it will take a Pembroke family days to clean up a mess left by an uninvited guest.

Tuesday night Genesee County Sheriff’s deputies say 34-year-old Jason Purdy drove his SUV into the Swendsen’s family home on Akron Road.

“I was just walking into the kitchen and hanging up the phone when all of a sudden it was like a train crash, it was a huge explosion, I can't even explain it,” Lynette Swendsen said.

It was a close call for some of the family members who had just walked out of the dining room.

The Swendsen home doesn’t even sit off the main road; it's about 500 feet away.

“I watched it from the yard, he crossed the road without stopping at the stop sign, came up our driveway and he was really moving fast, he was doing well about 100 or more,” Peter Swendsen said.

Purdy even scraped the family’s car before he drove through the dining room into the backyard, where his vehicle finally came to a stop at a tree stump but the family says he had no plans of slowing down.

“I ran back to the car and he was still trying to go with the car,” Peter said.

The family said he even tried to run away but they were able to do something unexpected until police arrived.

“We prayed with him last night,” Peter said.

“I'd like to know if he's ok because his life is so upset right now,” Lynette said.

Despite the hole in the house and the broken tables and chairs, the Swendsen family said they're not angry but instead they forgive.

“God sent him here for a reason, even though he had to drive through our house, nobody was hurt here,” Peter said.

The Swendsen’s said they’ve had close calls before but never like this.

The family said many people mistake their driveway for a road.

Police believe alcohol was a factor in the crash, but no charges have been filed against Purdy.

An investigation continues.


Alexis Arnold, 13WHAM-TV
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Pembroke family forgives man who drove into their home

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