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Police track down Time Warner subcontractor

Updated: Wednesday, December 11 2013, 05:28 PM EST

Brighton, N.Y. - Brighton Police received dozens of calls and tips after this photo of a dark blue pickup truck was first shown on 13WHAM News Tuesday.

The customer had every right to be suspicious, said Chief Mark Henderson.

A Time Warner Cable customer used her cell phone to snap photos of the truck Monday while she was on hold with customer service. She says the man driving the truck threatened to cut off her cable unless she gave him a credit card.

The (customer service) rep said he wasnt an employee and my account was up to date and to call police, said the customer who asked that we identify her only by her first name, Michelle.

TWC spokesman Scott Pryzwansky told 13WHAM News contractors should have a proper identification. If they were not expecting a rep to come to the door always request an ID, he said.

When Brighton police tracked down the truck and the driver they found out he was a legitimate subcontractor with Time Warner. However he did not have a proper work order and that contributed to the customers suspicions.

She was right to call police, said Chief Henderson.

Pryzwansky said the company is looking at the the work order that wasnt up to date, and they are also reviewing the entire interaction with the customer.

Bottom line: customers need to ask for an ID and subcontractors do not have mobile devices for processing credit cards. The card number must be called in to customer service.

Police track down Time Warner subcontractor

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