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The Brian Schramm Post Office

Updated: Wednesday, December 11 2013, 05:36 PM EST

Greece, N.Y. -- The U.S. Post Office on Latta Road in Greece finally bears the name "Brian Schramm" on the outside of the building.

An act of Congress formally named the post office after Marine Lance Corporal Brian K. Schramm back in 2009.

Schramm, 22, was killed in 2004 while serving our country during his second deployment to Iraq.

Since 2009 the only mention of this post office being named for Schramm was on a small plaque inside the building. Federal law prevented anything more than a municipality, state, and zip code from appearing on the outside of the building.

That changed after a long fight led by the family of Marine Lance Corporal Zach Smith of Hornell. After the post office in the City of Hornell was named after Smith the family fought the federal government until that restriction was lifted.

Smith's name was the first in the United States to appear on the outside of a U.S. Post Office building. Schramm's name is quite possibly just the second such example.

"This is the least that our communities can do to pay tribute to the fallen heroes," said Mary Ellen Schramm, Brian's mother.

In Greece, Assemblyman Bill Reilich took up the fight and the U.S. Post Office granted the Schramm family a similar waiver. A community wide collection raised funds for the letters that were affixed to the building. And on Thursday dozens gathered to join the Schramm's for the unveiling of the sign.

"There is no reference to his name as having been in the military," explained Brian's father Keith Schramm. "But if they read the plaque inside maybe they'll give pause and think about what it means to go to war and how precious life is."

Sean Carroll, 13WHAM-TV
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The Brian Schramm Post Office

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