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1/6 - Emergency Room Doctor on dipping temps

Updated: Monday, January 6 2014, 10:27 AM EST

From Good Day Rochester:

With Rochester temperatures dropping below zero there is a greater risk of getting frostbite. Dr. Michael Kamali, chief of Emergency Medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center gives ways to be prepared for the cold temps.

1. Have blankets and water in your car.

2. Make sure your cell phone is charged.

3. Dress in layers.

4. Keep all of your skin covered.


He also gives the warning signs for frostbite and what to do if you think your fingers or toes have been affected.

The first sign of frostbite is tingling or pain in your fingers or toes. You should get inside and drink some hot tea or hot chocolate. The hot beverages will warm your core. Dr. Michael Kamali does not recommend putting hands in hot water which may scald your skin. Lukewarm water is recommended.

1/6 - Emergency Room Doctor on dipping temps

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