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Election Countdown: Greece

Updated: Monday, November 4 2013, 12:06 PM EST

Monroe County, N.Y. - The countdown to Election Day continues and with two more days to campaign candidates are doing what they can to reach voters.

There are a number of highly contested races in Monroe County, including in Greece and Irondequoit for town supervisor.

In Greece, a new supervisor will be voted into office for the first time since 1998.

Republican Bill Reilich and Democrat Dick Beebe are on the ballot there.

“I want to take a good town and make it great once again,” said Reilich. “When somebody comes into town hall you view that as the reason why you're there, [they are] not there to inconvenience you, [you are] there to help people.”

Beebe delivered a similar message as he canvass neighborhoods, Sunday.

“The biggest thing here is the culture of the government for several years now it has the appearance of being very closed,” said Beebe. “People are upset with not being able to get calls returned on issues of concern.”

If elected Beebe plans to keep the door open to constituents.

Across the county, Irondequoit Town Supervisor Mary Joyce D'Aurizio is being challenged by Democrat Adam Bello.

Bello believes Irondequoit is ready for a change.

“I have a certain passion for the town and a vision for the town which includes doing things at Medley Center, building I-Square, and the support for the new libraries,” explained Bello.

D’Aurizio said she’s made a lot of progress in the last four years, progress that should go undisturbed.

“We’ve made a great deal of progress in this town concerning the financial health of the town we’ve got new quality of life things occurring things that we’ve never dare do in Irondequoit so I’m excited,” said D’Aurizio. “We’re doing more for seniors, more in family programing, more for youths, we ‘re able because we’ve improved our financial health. We are able to put some infrastructure in such as main and laterals without going to the bond market and we’re really in good shape and I’d hate not to have the two years to finish up many of the things that I would like to accomplish.”

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Election Countdown: Greece

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