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Poll: Richards leads Warren

Updated: Monday, August 19 2013, 11:20 AM EDT

Rochester, N.Y. -- A 2013 Voice of the Voter Poll shows Rochester Mayor Tom Richards leading his challenger, City Council President Lovely Warren, in the race for mayor.

Richards and Warren square off in a Democratic Primary to be held on September 10th. Green Party Candidate Alex White will be on the ballot in November.

When asked if who they would vote for if the Democratic primary were held today 55% of respondents said Richards, 28% said Warren, and 17% said did not know or had no opinion on the race.

A closer look at the poll reveals Richards gained the support of 62% of men polled, 51% of women, 74% of white respondents, and 29% of African American respondents. 85% of those who responded with support for Richards said they were either “Fairly Certain” or “Absolutely Certain” they would not change their mind about their vote.

Warren won the support of 23% of men, 31% or women, 11% of white respondents, and 52% of African American respondents. 80% of those who responded with support for Warren said they were either “Fairly Certain” or “Absolutely Certain” they would not change their mind about their vote.

The Siena College Poll was conducted between July 29th and August 1st and it included responses from more than 1,000 registered voters in the City of Rochester; more than 600 were registered Democrats.

When polled on the issues support for each candidate swayed depending on the topic. Each question asked respondents to say who they thought would do a better job representing them as Rochester’s Mayor.

Fighting Crime: Richards 52%, Warren 24%, Don’t Know 24%

Improving Public Education: Warren 37%, Richards 36%, Don’t know 27%

Addressing Neighborhood Concerns: Warren 43%, Richards 38%, Don’t know 19%

Managing Economic Development in Rochester: Richards 59%, Warren 22%, Don’t Know 19%

Creating Jobs: Richards 51%, Warren 24%, Don’t Know 25%

Keeping City Taxes Under Control: Richards 52%, Warren 23%, Don’t Know 25%

Addressing the City’s Long Term Liabilities Like Pension Costs: Richards 56%, Warren 19%, Don’t Know 25%

To read more of the results, click here.

Voice of the Voter is a partnership between 13WHAM, WXXI Public Broadcasting, the Democrat and Chronicle, WDKX (103.9-FM), and YNN.

These poll results also revealed the community’s perception of local parks, infrastructure, public safety, schools and even some other notable politicians. Sunday on 13WHAM.com we’ll reveal those results and tell you how voters perceive Rep. Louise Slaughter and Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks less than one year after they squared off against each other in a Congressional campaign.


Poll: Richards leads Warren

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