Banana Foster French Toast

13WHAM News ::Healthy Eating - Banana Foster French Toast

This recipe comes to us from Coleen's Cafe in Brockport. It uses challa bread as a base, which we featured in last week's recipe. It's rich and decadent!

To start:

1 stick butter, melted in a pot on the stove
Add 1 cup brown sugar
Add a dash of cinnamon

While the sauce is cooking, prepare the bread by mixing the following:

1/2 cup cream
tsp vanilla
4-5 eggs

Then, cut thick slices of the challa bread. Add some butter to a no-stick skillet. Soak the bread with the mix, and don't be afraid to soak it really well, as the bread is dense. Put the bread in the skillet and brown the bread on both sides.

At this point, cut three bananas into thin slices. Add the sliced banana to the sauce in the pot. It only needs a minute or two for the bananas to absorb the sauce!

Cover the finished bread with the sauce, add whip cream if you like, and enjoy!