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To purchase a DVD (Standard definition) copy of a news segment (story) from a local 13WHAM NEWS, or WOKR NewsSource 13, program for private home use, please send a letter of request, indicating the date, the time of the newscast, and the subject matter of the segment you are requesting to:


Attn: Archives

4225 W. Henrietta Road

Rochester, NY 14623-5225

You will receive a copy of exactly what was broadcast. The "introduction" and "tag out" if any, isn’t usually archived so can’t be included as part of our service. "Raw camera footage" is not available for sale. All material provided is copyrighted, with worldwide rights reserved.

The minimum charge for the above service is $50.00 (US) which includes the cost of research, duplication, shipping and sales tax. Upon receipt of your order and a check made payable to WHAM-TV, it will take ten (10) to fifteen (15) working days to process your request. If for any reason we do not have the material in our archives, your check will be returned.

Material for commercial and/or re-broadcast requires a specific license.

If you need additional help, please call (585) 321-2290 during normal business hours Monday through Friday or email to

Thank you for your interest in WHAM-TV and WOKR-TV.

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