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Mayor considers reorganizing police

Rochester, N.Y. - Mayor Lovely Warren plans to restructure the Rochester Police Department, adding at least one division to each of the citys four quadrants.

Weve heard for many, many years about the fact that the community and people that live here dont necessarily feel that they are getting the best services and the relationship is not as great as it could be, Warren said outside of City Hall Saturday.

Warren said the current two-division, east-west structure is restrictive.

Weve heard from a number of people that the model that we have today is not efficient and effective for policing services.

RPD officers used to work in a seven-section patrol but switched to the two-division model in 2004.

In the Northeast Quadrant, Louisa Butler said, I think that its time to discipline the neighborhood.

In the last ten years, Butler said her neighborhood has lacked a strong police presence.

Ive noticed that theres not too many officers in this neighborhood and there should be.

During that time, Butler said shes seen more and more violent crimes in the area.

People fight, I mean you get like the knockout game and stuff like that, little kids around here, you have people that travel in packs and they want to just jump people for no reason.

A few miles from the closest police station, Butler said when crimes occur in her neighborhood, police response times can be slow.

The response times are fine for priority one calls, said Mayor Warren. For the priority two or three, theyre a little bit longer.

But response times are not the focus of the plans to restructure, instead, Mayor Warren said its about building better relationships between police and the people they serve.

With the same officers overseeing the same areas, Warren said police will be able to get a better understanding of the people and the crime in their division.

Each of the four quadrants are different, their needs are different and we have to recognize that even with our policing models.

What that model will be is still up for debate and public feedback will be part of that process. Warren said this is not a full proposal just yet. The interim police chief is working on a report with a team from City Hall to determine where the divisions should go, how long it will take to make the transition and how much it will cost.

The mayor expects to get the full report with all of that information on her desk next week, and the plans will go from there.


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