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2-year-old girl attacked by dog

WARNING: Photos below may be considered graphic to some

Middlesex, N.Y. - A 2-year-old girl from Yates County was attacked by her babysitter's dog. Kianna was at her babysitter's house, who is also a family friend, in Middlesex when the babysitter's German Shepherd mix bit Kianna's face.

"She was upset crying, she said you know the doggy bit her," said Kianna's grandfather, Daryl Hilkert. "I think it was harder on me than it was on her."

Hilkert said Kianna needed four stiches, three above her left eye and one below.

According to the Yates County Sheriff's Office, the dog is being quarantined at its owner's house.

"If this was a dangerous dog, a pit bull or anything like that, that dog would have been taken on the spot," said Hilkert.

The babysitter and dog's owner, Ann Morse, told us she has to bring the dog to a boarding place to be quarantined Saturday morning.

"I regret what happened," said Morse. "I love the child and her mother dearly."
Hilkert plans to take this to court.

"I'm going to do whatever legal action it takes, I want the dog put down I'll fight no matter what it takes to do it," said Hilkert. "That's my beautiful granddaughter and she did not do nothing to deserve it."

According to investigators, Hilkert returned to the babysitter's home to confront the dog's owner. The police were called to the scene.

The dog involved in the incident is being quarantined for 10 days while animal control checks for signs of rabies, investigators said.

Animal Control is also investigating the incident.

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