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Fundraiser to bail out mom

Rochester, N.Y. - Help from one mother to another has stirred up a lot of controversy after a fundraiser to bail Thelma Edwards out of jail was posted online Friday.

In one day, more than $1,000 was raised for Edwards, the Rochester mom who allegedly left her 4-year-old son alone in a car on for about two and a half hours while she went to work at the TGI Fridays in Victor.

Eight days after she was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment, the 22-year-old appeared in Victor Town Court where a judge denied her request to lower her $2,000 bail and modify the order of protection that bans her from contacting her son for six months.

The mother of three boys, Aleda Moon started a GoFundMe page to raise the $2,000 to bail the Rochester mom out of jail. Moon said, Were very quick to blame, were very quick to judge, were very quick to say she deserve to be in jail, shes a terrible mother shes this, shes that. Its like you dont know her as a person.

Moon, who lives in Avon, Livingston County doesnt know Edwards but she does know what its like to be a single mom. Moon said, I felt for her it's hard when you're trying to work, you're trying to take care of your kids and it's hard if you don't have a sitter.

According to the Monroe County Sheriffs Office, Edwards told investigators that she left her son alone in the car because she had no one to watch him and had to go to work. It was about 80 degrees that day when a teenager spotted the 4-year-old inside the black Pontiac parked in the back corner of the lot. The teen called 911 and the boy, who was not injured, was taken by Child Protective Services and placed in the care of his grandmother.

Maybe the people she would have counted on were just unavailable and this was just her last resort to keep her job, Moon said she doesnt know the details of what happened that day. I just know its kind of a sad situation, she didnt leave him in the car to go to a bar, she didnt leave him in the car to go to friends house, he wasnt left in the car at homehe was in the car so she could work.

Moon said its no excuse, but it shows that Edwards was trying and now she believes with the bail and the six-month no contact order, the court is making an example of Edwards.

Hundreds of people posted on the 13WHAM Facebook page to share their thoughts on the fundraiser and most are against it. Kathy R. wrote, Maybe she will have time to ponder her terrible decision to leave her child in a car unsupervised. I definitely won't be donating.

A number of people questioned why anyone would donate money to a mother arrested for child endangerment. Nick P. wrote, Is this justifiable if the child had died? Cause if no one did anything about it that's what was going to happen. The people who rob banks just need the money. We don't know their story either. Maybe we should support thieves as well?

Moon said she expected this kind of backlash and will bail Edwards out as soon as she reaches the $2,000.

We need to have compassion, Moon said, lets just kind of do some re-teaching some training some support. Moon argued its clear Edwards needs help, education and resources to guide her so she can make better decisions and care for her son.

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